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The ancient larches of Val d'Ultimo (Ultental) Valley

Ultimo (Ulten)
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Informationen zur Tour The ancient larches of Val d'Ultimo (Ultental) Valley

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    1:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    80 m
  • Altitude
    80 m
  • Max. height
    1441 m
The most celebrated natural monument in Val d'Ultimo (Ultental) Valley: millenia-old larch trees


In the valley below Santa Gertrude (St. Gertraud) in the Inner Val d’Ultimo (Ultental) Valley at 1,385 m, follow signs for the Urlärchen (ancient larches), first on a bridge over the stream, then left onto a small farm access road, which is closed to public traffic, only very slightly uphill, through beautiful sloping meadows, out of the valley, to the Innerlanerhöfen Farms. From there, pass briefly through a larch forest, and then over to the Außerlaner group of houses (1,420 m; tavern); near these houses, you can’t miss the slightly raised row of 2000 year-old colossal trees; just under a half hour from the starting point. Return journey: on the route described.

Starting point

Below Santa Geltrude (St. Gertraud) in Val d'Ultimo (Ultental) Valley

Target point

Below Santa Geltrude (St. Gertraud) in Val d'Ultimo (Ultental) Valley


Parking area in St. Gertraud

Public transportation

Bus from Merano (Meran) or Lana into Val d'Ultimo (Ultental) Valley, to Santa Gertrude  (St. Gertraud).


From Merano (Meran) to Santa Gertrude (St. Gertraud) in Val d'Ultimo (Ultental) Valley.

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