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Via ferrata Mesules, Piz Selva

Selva Val Gardena (Wolkenstein)
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Informationen zur Tour Via ferrata Mesules, Piz Selva

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    7:15 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    990 m
  • Altitude
    980 m
  • Max. height
    2949 m
The access to the via ferrata is short and easy, a steep and extremely Alpine climb, with a very long descent. It is recommended to hike here only in dry and sunny conditions. In spring, pay attention to the residual snow and ice while in the mornings, the ferrata stays in the shade. Some of the short un-protected stretches require an extremely steady step. In the case of low visibility, orientating yourself may become difficult.


Characteristics of the via ferrata: steep and exposed climb, especially at the end on the second set of steps. The rock-climbing here requires strong arms, but also a good technique for the walk on the smooth slabs and the walk (only metal steps, no steel cables). The climb can sometimes be rendered impossible due to residual snow or ice. The entire hike is very long and challenging, and requires good Alpine experience. There is sometimes a noticeably long distance between the steel cable fixtures. Be careful: the steel cables are not tightened in some sections.
Difficulty: the rocks are extremely smooth on the climb. North-West facing, the via ferrata stays wet and snowy for a long time; it is often cold and icy. Very long descent.
Access to the ferrata: from the kiosk, follow path 649 to reach the beginning of the via ferrata, under the towering Sella.
Technical details: certainly an Alpine via ferrata, that unravels along smooth rocks; the steepest stretches are furnished with steps and fixtures (stirrups and poles). The climb is mostly steep and exposed, and requires arm strength and steady step.
Type of the course: 80% steel cable, 4% steps, 8% metal stirrups, 8% exposed track.
Complete gradient of the climb: 700 m, 3:30 hours.
Complete gradient to the beginning of the ferrata: 50 m, 30 mins
Gradient of the ferrata: 250 m, 1:30 hourss.
Piz Selva exit: 400 m, 1:30 hours. At the exit, take the visible track and you will pass again by a short and protected steel cable stretch, then along the sign-posted track, you will reach the nested terrace and the crossroad between Piz Ciavazes and Piz Selva. Turn left and you will return safely towards Piz Selva.
Descent: From the summit, signposted stretches of the path will take you towards the cross on the summit of Piz Miara. Lower down, at the Forcela dei Ciamorces (Forcella dei Camosci, 2,923 m) and the Sella del Pisciadù. Go down to the right on path n. 649 and on the n.2 Alta Via of the Dolomites until you reach the crossroads; from there carry onto path n.647 and go across the Val Lasties until you reach the next intersection. The course carries on along path n.656 until the turn on the street that brings you to Passo Sella on which you’ll return to the climbing path. 4 hours in total.
Facing: North-West. 

Starting point

The little kiosk on the pass at 2,244 m, on the left, a bit before Maria Flora hotel.

Target point


Expert Alpine walkers are recommend to walk down from the Piz Selva along the ferrata. 


Car-park at the Sella path

Public transportation

Bus service from Bolzano to Passo Sella or train to Prato all’Isarco – Waidbruck and then take the bus until Passo Sella.  


Drive across Val Gardena until Selva.  From there, carry on to Passo Sella. Parking at the pass.  

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    Pietro Crovetto

    Finita la ferrata, c'è ancora il lungo ritorno da fare... io son tornato via il Rifugio Pisciadù e la val Setus, per prendere l'autobus e tornare a Selva. Attenzione che l'ultimo autobus è intorno alle 1700!