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The Alpini Trail in Sesto (Sexten)

Sesto (Sexten)
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Informationen zur Tour The Alpini Trail in Sesto (Sexten)

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    8:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1390 m
  • Altitude
    1390 m
  • Max. height
    2747 m
The Alpini Trail in the Upper Val Pusteria (Hochpustertal) Valley is the boldest, most spectacular, and most difficult trail in South Tyrol and one of the most beautiful in the Alps.


Ascent: From Fischleinboden in the Sesto (Sextner) side valley of the same name (1,454 m, road here from Moso (Moos); parking area; Dolomitenhof Hotel), walk for about a half hour along a wide valley road, open only to vehicles for residents, until you reach the Talschlusshütte mountain hut (1,540 m; restaurant). From there, continue on Trail No. 102/103 into Altensteintal up to the fork (for Dreizinnenhütte mountain hut, continue straight ahead). Turn left, and follow Trail No. 103, which isn’t difficult technically, over the river and high above the narrow Bacherntal Valley, mostly a moderate grade, up to the Zsigmondy Comici Hütte mountain hut (2,235 m; open in summer); 2.5 hours from Fischleinboden. High Trail: From the Zsigmondy Comici Hütte, take Trail No. 101/103 southeast up as far as the junction with Trail No. 101 near the little frozen Eissee Lake (2,326 m), then continuing across rocky terrain and scree, without further problems, across all the way to the actual Alpini Trail, on the Salvezzaband, crossing vertical rocky faces, to a chimney-like ravine, via exposed ledges to a wide snow chute called the Äußeren Lochs; after this crossing across the exposed ledges, around the Elferturm, and then a slight ascent over scree and crags to Elferscharte wind gap on the north ridge of Elfer Peak (2,650 m, 2.5 hours from Zsigmondyhütte); the less challenging, western segment ends here (and if you want to or if necessary, you can descend early to the Talschlusshütte mountain hut on Trail 124/122 crossing crags and scree, and through forest). If you want to continue along the eastern part of the Alpini Trail: on fixed ropes across exposed bands of rock and gravel and very steep, partially wet rock almost horizontally through the north eastern face of Elfer Mountain, then an iron ladder, and soon thereafter more than 40 iron braces, almost straight up, and another crossing of exposed rocky terrain, to a fork (about an hour from Elferscharte wind gap): turn right up towards Sentinellascharte wind gap, and the descent begins to the left. 3.5 hours from Zsigmondyhütte mountain hut. Descent: First, over a well-equipped via ferrata, with fixed ropes but some vertical climbing, down to a large area of scree, where the trail from Elferscharte wind gap also comes out. Follow Trail No. 124 downhill to the crossroads, then Trail No. 122 down a steep, forested slope, partially in switchbacks, to the Talschlusshütte mountain hut, and continue out of the valley to Fischleinboden; 2.5 hours from the end of the Alpini Trail.

Starting point

Dolomitenhof Farm, Fischleinboden

Target point

Dolomitenhof Farm, Fischleinboden


Vertigo-free and surefooted hikers only. The Alpini Trail from Elferscharte wind gap (which can be omitted), however, is extremely difficult and should be attempted only by experienced mountain climbers.


Parking area near Dolomitenhof Farm

Public transportation

Take the train to San Candido (Innichen) and then a bus to Dolomitenhof  Farm  in Val Fiscalina (Fischleintal) Valley.


Drive through the Val Pusteria (Pustertal) Valley to San Candido (Innichen) and turn off towards Moso (Moos), then continue to the Dolomitenhof Farm in Val Fiscalina (Fischleintal) Valley.

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