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Mittlerer Molignon ( Laurenzisteig)

Castelrotto (Kastelruth)
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Informationen zur Tour Mittlerer Molignon ( Laurenzisteig)

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    9:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    790 m
  • Altitude
    790 m
  • Max. height
    2799 m
Hike along the via ferrata that requires endurance, an excellent physical condition and Alpine experience. It’s best to avoid the path if the weather turns bad because it is so exposed. Given the considerable length of the hike it is recommended to stay overnight in a haven in the region.


Characteristics of the via ferrata: large crossing with relatively long climb and descent. The via ferrata is only partially secured with steel cables, the rest of the hike is made up of normal path, with some exposed stretches which can be rock-climbed. A steady foot is required, especially in the mountain ridge. A relatively exposed climb with various stretches that are not secure but with some easy rock-climbing on the mountain ridge.

Access to the via ferrata: from the cable-car station take path n.2 towards the Alpe di Tires haven, 2,411 m (open from mid-June to 5th October where there is overnight accommodation).

Difficulty: relatively exposed climb, with various stretches that are not secure; some easy rock-climbing on the mountain ridge.
Technical details: the route is only partially secured by steel cables and most of it is walkable, even if some stretches are exposed which do require a steady step. The descent is long, with two strenuous “counter-climbs”.
Type of the path: 40% steel cables, 5% easy rock-climbing, 15% exposed track, 40% normal track.
Complete gradient of the climb: 940 m, 3:30-4:00 hours.
Complete gradient until the beginning of the via ferrata: from Seggiovia Panorama cable-car station (2,011 m) to Denti di Terrarossa/Rosszahnscharte crossroads (2,499 m) 490 m; 1:30 hours. From Denti di Terrarossa/Rosszahnshcarte crossroads to Alpe di Tires haven (2,440 m) 60 metre-descent. Alpe di Terrarossa haven to the beginning of the via ferrata 215 m, 1 hour. Total time: 2:45 hours.
Gradient of the ferrata: 240 metre-climb, 40 metre-descent, 1 hour.
Descent: a visible track will take you down towards the long valley on the east side. The beginning of the descent is very steep, the middle stretch is secured with steel cables. 865 metre-descent to Alpe di Tires, then 470 metre-climb, 3-3:30 hours; Alpe di Tires to the Seggiovia Panorama cable-car station 1-1:30 hour.

Facing: North 

Starting point

Seggiovia Panorama cable-car station; summer service: from 12th May to end of October, opening times: 08:30-17:30.

Target point


Compaccio/Compatsch pay and display car-park in the Alpe di Siusi 

Public transportation

Public bus from Bolzano to Siusi. 


From Val d’Isarco drive to Alpe di Siusi/ Sesieralm by going through Castelrotto/Kastelruth. (The road towards the Alpe di Siusi can be driven on before 09:00 and after 17:00.) 

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Horst Gamper

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