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Feldthurns Velturno, Othmar-Winkler-Weg 1 Via-Othmar-Winkler
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Feldthurns Velturno, Othmar-Winkler-Weg 1 Via-Othmar-Winkler

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Informationen zu AVS-Radlseehütte

The Lago Rodella haven/ Radlseehütte is situated at 2,284 metres above sea level, and to the east below Cima Monte Pascolo/Königsangerspitze and is accessible from Bressanone, Velturno and Lazfons. The current mountain haven on Lago Rodella was erected in 1956 thanks to AVS (Alpenverein Südtirol) and was awarded with eco-friendly mark of approval. However it was not the first hut to be built at Lago Rodella; in 1912 the Bressanone host Anton Mayr erected a private construction near the late between Cima Monte Cane/Hundskopf and Cima Monte Pascolo/ Königsangerspitze. It was managed by the family until 1940. The hut was destroyed during World War II while it was in the hands of a Fascist organisation. In the 1950s, AVS decided to rebuild the crumbling hut and in 1956 it was inaugurated and is now made of natural stone.
Today the Lago Rodella haven, surrounded by picturesque Alpi Sarentine, from mid-May to end of October, offers a welcoming place to rest and eat for hikers, climbers and nature lovers who wander the many tracks around the hut. Everyone is spoilt with the Alto Adige mountain taste and homemade hut specialities in the Lago Rodella haven; hearty dishes and refreshing drinks reinvigorate tired guests. The haven also offers the possibility to stay overnight; a communal dorm and rustic-style rooms which offer enough space for 50 people.
From the Lago Rodella haven it is possible to climb Cima Monte Pascolo or the nearby Cima Monte Cane. Hikers can start at Perlungerhof near Tiles, Kühnhof in Lazfons, Garner Wetterkreuz in Velturno or Zolerhof in Snodres di Sopra. 

At 2,284 metres above sea level, above Velturno, the rustic Lago Rodella haven welcomes hikers and climbers. Located in the heart of the Alpi Sarentine mountains, the rustic Lago Rodella haven offers room and board.

Sleep in the mountains

Stay overnight in the middle of wild nature, in fresh mountain air and in perfect tranquillity of the Alpi Sarentine. The Lago Rodella haven gives you this possibility. In the traditional haven on Lago Rodella, there are several overnight possibilities to choose from. A communal dorm has 40 beds; simple but soft. Moreover, there are different types of bedrooms that fit 20 people. In the traditional hut atmosphere, an overnight stay is a unique adventure, the feeling of authentic romance is almost insurmountable. From the window, gaze at the beautiful countryside and the peaks, and breathe in the fresh mountain air and you will sleep well. 

Fresh mountain air and panorama of the Alps

Real cuisine

Up above, on the mountains, hikers and climbers need energy-filled food. Fresh dishes filled with Alto Adige mountain taste and homemade hut specialities are served every day at the Lago Rodella haven.  Exquisite local cuisine is served; regional delicacies like canederli, pasta from the hut or goulash keep up the guests’ spirits.
Every Thursday is canederli day, 12 different tastes for each month. Refreshing drinks quench guests’ thirsts, Kaiserchmarren and ricotta and many delicious homemade desserts are available too. And of course the typical and tasty Alto Adige afternoon tea is on offer as well. Here, high above, there’s something for everyone. 

Spoilt with hut specialities