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Valle Isarco/Eisacktal

The journey of a river

Relieved, having passed through the narrow valley, the Eisack – Isarco river makes its grandiose entrance in the small town of Franzensfeste – Fortezza, and subsequently determines the valley form.

The Eisack - Isarco river runs through the Wipptal – Isarco area towards Brixen- Bressanone. It calmly crosses the medieval part of town and appreciates its many winding roads, buildings with erker – oriel windows, and the contrast of new modern shops set within the walls of this old medieval town.

The Kloster Säben - Sabiona Monastery awaits the passage of the Isarco river. On its long journey the river meets many castles. This valley was an important crossroads between many kings and merchants, traders and citizens and the signs of these meetings can still be seen today. Many old buildings such as Schloss Rodenegg - Castel Rodengo and Burgenmuseum Trostburg - Castel Forte di Trotsburg (now a museum) are witness of the achievements of centuries ago.  The river Isarco makes its way through Klausen - Chiusa’s many alleys and old buildings. Albrecht Dürer made this town famous thanks to his etching “la Grande Fortuna”. 

The slopes that go up from the Isarco river all around Chiusa itself make up the fertile land producing the magical white wines. Towards the south the river meets majestic chestnut tree forests. The “keschntweg”, otherwise known as the chestnut tree trail, extends from Varna to Bressanone, until the Bolzano basin.