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Valle Anterselva/Antholzertal

Border people

Picturesque farmer style houses with dark wooden exteriors. Red and orange geraniums hang from the balcony and decorate the house. Biotopes and Mires, like the alder woods in Ahrn – Aurina or the biotope of Rasner Möser, harmoniously surround and unite the isolated villages.

At the end of the Antholzertal - Valle Anterselva are the Rieserferner Group mountains. A winding road passes through the “Passo Stalle” and takes you directly to Austria. Surrounding this winding road is the Rieserferner Group Aurina National Park, it hosting a multitude of different species of plants and animals. The Rasen Antholz – Rasun Anterselva region features an abundance of water. Not only is there a presence of marshes and lakes but also many streams which transform into rolling and foaming waterfalls all along the mountain walls and flow down until the valley floor. The Antholzer see – Lago di Anterselva lake is surrounded by emerald green forests, and a nature trail that goes all around the lake with information about local tree species, rare and particular stones and the kinds of fish that live in the lake.

Not far from the lake is the Biathlon center – “Arena Alto Adige”. For years the Antholzertal – Anterselva has attracted cross-country skiers thanks to its many kilometres of slopes that are surrounded by idyllic winter scenery. It is also a great place to take children mountain hiking in both summer and winter.