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Val Venosta/Vinschgau

The clash between two forces of nature: sun and wind.

Vinschgau – Val Venosta greets you with great enthusiasm. The notorious “Vinscher Wind” –the wind of the Vinschgau – Val Venosta blows strongly and gives the valley a pleasing breeze even during the hot summer days.

In the lowland valley you can get a glimpse of the vineyards and the apple trees on the slopes of the mountains that stand at about three thousand metres tall. Down south the Nördersberg – Monte Tramontana mountain, with its alpine landscape that changes suddenly, stands opposite the Sonnenberg – Monte Sole.

The hot and dry climate has caused the landscape to look like that of a steppe. On the sunlit slopes the Vinschgau – Val venosta apricot (the culinary pride of this area) takes advantage of the numerous hours of sun. The Blauburgunder  - Pinot Nero, Fraueler and Blaue Zweigelt are unequivocal proof of the benefits of a barren landscape. The lack of rain in the past has forced the farmers of the Vinschgau – Val venosta to resort to an artificial irrigation system. They created and elaborate network that comprised 600 kilometres of irrigation canals.

Nowadays, hikers take advantage of these communication trenches also known as “Waalwege”, to explore the valley and all its attractions. The Reinhold Messners Schloss Juval – Castello Juval di Reinhold Messner, stands proudly erect and welcomes the visitors of the Vinschgau – Val Venosta.