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Val Senales/Schnalstal

Icy sounds

Schnalstal – Val Senales sits surrounded by the mountains giants, and makes its way through the depth of the Ötztaler Alpen - Alpi del Ötztal. At the bottom of the valley a glacier rises. Lights, colours and sounds echo, reflect and transform against the mirror glass icy walls of the glacier.

The snow and ice “cathedral” in Schnalstal - Val Senales looks like a glass palace. At the annual “Ice music festival”, the ice gives the sounds a certain harmony. A cable car service that remains functional all year round takes you all the way up to the top of the glacier. If you love to ski, here you will be able to do it all year round.

The “Archeoparc” archeological museum attracts millions of visitors and takes them back in time to a Neolithic past, offering both a scientific-theoretical experience and also a practical and tangible one.

The Vernagter Stausee – Bacino idrico di Vernago dam that was built in the fifties can be found further ahead in the valley and at an altitude of 1900 metres you can see the final farmhouse.
The Certosa fraction, time ago was home to the Kartause Allerengelberg – monastero certosino “Allerengelberg”. One can still experience the atmosphere of the past inside the vaulted courtyard of the Grotta dello Spirito Santo.