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Val Sarentino/Sarntal

Customs and traditions … still in style

If you want to go to Sarntal – Val Sarentino you first have to cross a deep gorge. Through narrow bends, passing by bevelled rocks and numerous tunnels, the road takes you on to discover this wonderful valley.

All of a sudden, the valley widens to make way for pastures and woods. An imposing but stunning scenery of the surrounding mountain peaks act as a frame to the entire Val Sarentino. This sleepy and isolated valley welcomes visitors to one of the most authentic areas of Südtirol - Trentino Alto Adige. “Sarner”; the inhabitants of the Val Sarentino; are fun and witty, traditional and very loyal to their roots. Their traditional attire deserves to be given a lot of attention. Women wear colorful aprons and embroidered bodices. Men wear knee-length leather trousers called “lederhosen” and the traditional “Sarner Jangger”, a jacket made out of unrefined knitted wool. Around the waist they wear a big leather belt embroidered with the spine of a peacock feather: this method was invented 200 years ago and still exists today.

Everything about the Val Sarentino and its inhabitants is traditional. Even when it comes to food, the traditional “striezl” are prepared according to a very antique recipe, they are very hard to make and require a good countrywoman.

The Durnholzer See – Lago di Valdurno or the Reinswald – San Martino hiking trails are only some of multiple possibilities you have to go on an exciting excursion. On Monte Risco, the “Groaßn Reisch” you can admire thousands of motionless stone men, the famous “Stoanerne Mandln” that tell you of a time in which witches used to cast evil spells. While you set your imagination free to fully appreciate all the local legends you are fully immersed in the mystical surroundings.