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Val Martello/Martelltal

Along the Plima stream

"Schianbliamltol" is the way the inhabitants of the Martelltal – Val Martello affectionately name their valley. The use of this regional name for the valley is very widespread, but incorrect!

"Schianbliamltol" the name of the beautiful valley immersed in the National Park Stilfserjoch - Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio, derives from the “plima” stream. The “Plima” stream originates at the valley floor of the imposing Gletschergruppe Cevedale – Gruppo del Cevedale glacier. Monumental rock and ice walls stretch out to the sky at a height of nearly 4000 metres and offer passionate hikers, alpine skiers and ice rock-climbers a breathtaking and dramatic natural landscape.

The stream branches out in many small rapids that keep on flowing until they meet with the Zufrittsee – Lago di Gioveretto. Many hiking trails start at this lake and lead to several historical refuges such as the Zufallhütte – Rifugio Nino Corsi and Marteller Hütte – Rifugio Martello. Grand, Ennethal and the valley state capital Meiern are hidden villages of the valley. With the passing of centuries the old farmhouses and the cultural landscape have integrated harmoniously with the surrounding scenery.

Strawberry plantations dominate the valley slopes. These plantations started fifty years ago and today the Marteller Erdbeere – Fragola della Val Martello is very much appreciated and for this reason, and every year, we honour this delicious red fruit with the Südtiroler Erdbeerfests – Festa della fragola dell’Alto Adige: The Südtirol strawberry party. The “Cultura Martell” National Park centre, illustrates the tormented story of this valley, the farmer’s culture, the legends and love for this land and particular characteristics of  the inhabitants of the Martelltal – Val Martello.