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Schutzhaus Landshuter Europahütte

St.Jakob/Pfitsch - San Giacomo/Vizze, Haus-Nausr. 78
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Schutzhaus Landshuter Europahütte

St.Jakob/Pfitsch - San Giacomo/Vizze, Haus-Nausr. 78

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Informationen zu Schutzhaus Landshuter Europahütte

It is situated on the south-west peak of Gerla, between the Val di Vizze (Italy) and the Vennatal (Austria), straddling the border it is an ideal starting point for mountain hikers.
This haven has a particular and possibly unique history. It was built at the end of the last century in the Alpenverein section of Landshut, an old ducal city in lower Bavaria. After the access path was built in the summer of 1887, the Landshut alta via's construction was given the green light. The haven, built right on top of the watershed, was inaugurated in August 1899. 3 years later, in view of the influx of hikers, the haven was expanded.
Heavily damaged in World War I, the haven was left abandoned. Due to one of many reshuffles in history, the Treaty of St Germain split the haven in two with the border. This meant that two thirds was in Italy and one third in Austria.
The leaders of Alpenverein in Lanshut met with the CAI of Vipiteno in 1984 and collaborated with authentic mountain spirit and a European community feeling. The haven was rebuilt as a consequence and solemnly inaugurated in September 1989 and was renamed European haven.
The eventful history of the haven concludes in a happy ending and today has over 90 beds and run by the Holzer family. Hikers are warmly welcomed, the kitchen offers various traditional Alto Adige delicacies accompanied with refined wines. 

Opening Hours
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Please mind our company holidays during:

01-10-2018 - 31-05-2019

Extremely rich history and interesting events

The best sleep

What better way to rest after a long fun and sun filled day than in a room or dormitory in the haven? The Europa haven offers guests cheap and simple bedrooms. 

Welcoming warmth when the outside cold air makes you shiver.

Try the Alpine taste

Savour the enriched Alto Adige cuisine along with a few Mediterranean specialities. Accompanied by a glass of full-bodied red wine or a delicate white, or how about an ice-cold refreshing beer? There is always something on the rock climbing menu for those who need charge up their batteries.