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Ulten Valley Museum

Ultimo (Ulten)
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Ulten Valley Museum

Ultimo (Ulten)

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Informationen zu Ulten Valley Museum

The Ulten (Ultimo) Valley Museum was established by Gottfried Oberthaler in 1963 and has been housed in the old schoolhouse in St. Nikolaus (San Nicola) since 1973. The museum is a living picture book of Ulten Valley folklore and offers a complete overview of the nature and development of Ulten folk art and farming culture.

Business hours

March, Apr
Sun 10–12, 3–5 pm
Tue, Fri 11–12, 3–5 pm
Sun 10–12, 3–5 pm

Entry fees

voluntary contribution

Free entry

The Ultimo Valley Museum provides an insight into the rural art and culture of the valley.

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