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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful trail runs.
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The 10 Most Beautiful trail runs in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Trail running · Inner Carniola
UTVV Slovenia 2022 - 100 Miles
Difficulty difficult
166.1 km
35:00 h
6,290 m
6,293 m
Mighty 160 km round race across the Vipava Valley, where emperor Theodosius merged the Roman empire for the last time with a victorious battle at river Frigidus.
Trail running · Cividale,Valli Natisone
Bosco della Sdricca 13/9/2022
7 km
1:03 h
107 m
97 m
Fiume Natisone - Bosco della Sdricca - Colonna di Aimèe
Trail running · Cividale,Valli Natisone
Trail delle Valli
Difficulty moderate
24.8 km
5:16 h
1,260 m
1,260 m
Trail running · Slovenia
Anello Bagnoli - Socerb - Val Rosandra
15.4 km
2:14 h
674 m
675 m
Bagnoli della Rosandra- San Servolo - Monte Carso - Val Rosandra - Ciclabile
Trail running · Littoral
Ribežni in Prevala
20.6 km
4:54 h
1,913 m
1,912 m
Rombonski podi
Trail running · Carnia
Lago Bordaglia
Difficulty easy
5 km
1:35 h
844 m
191 m
Lago Bordaglia da Pierabech - Cava di marmo - stretta di Fleons - casera Sissanis - lago Bordaglia e ritorno
Trail running · Carnia
Programmazione itinerario del 19 gennaio 2018
45 km
10:20 h
3,000 m
2,864 m
Trail running · Inner Carniola
UTVV Slovenia 2020 - 100 Miles
Difficulty difficult
156.8 km
29:00 h
5,962 m
5,966 m
Ultra Trail Vipava Valley 160K - Slovenia
Trail running · Tarvisio
Anello Val Bartolo - Goriach
Difficulty moderate
24.2 km
8:38 h
1,463 m
1,461 m
Val Bartolo - Monte Capin - Monte Goriane - Goriach - Sella di Bartolo
Trail running · Italy
Val Rosandra 12km
12.3 km
2:35 h
654 m
653 m
short Tour with a few steep/technical ascents/descents in Val rosandra
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