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Schutzhaus Tschafon

Tiers Tires, Weisslahn 43 Lavina Biancha
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Schutzhaus Tschafon

Tiers Tires, Weisslahn 43 Lavina Biancha

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Informationen zu Schutzhaus Tschafon

The Monte Cavone haven is situated on a field surrounded by red spruces and larches near Tires at Catinaccio, miles away from the busy hustle and bustle of life. Everyday life here happens with an idyllic tranquillity, close to nature and tradition. For over 50 years, the hut at 1,737 metres above sea level has been managed with passion and dedication by the Lunger family who have, with energy and conviction, taken good care of their hut and hosts with traditional countryside customs.
The Monte Cavone haven has fed many thanks to its excellent kitchen and caring attention to its guests. The ingredients come from the woods and the hut’s garden and are lovingly and elaborately crafted into tasty dishes. The homemade dishes delight the guests’ palates and put across a genuine sensation of authenticity and closeness to nature. Guests can also stay overnight in the traditional haven and can stay in a cosy rustic-style room, thus entering the tranquillity of nature even more.
The Monte Cavone haven is located between the Alpe di Suisi, the Sciliar and the Catinaccio in a fabulous hiking area in the heart of the Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park. From Tires and Fiè many walking paths lead to the hut; families, hikers and climbers can face different challenges and enjoy the unique panorama. Once at arrived at the Monte Cavone haven, your gaze looks over Catinaccio, the Torri del Vajolet and the Latemar. Take a deep breath and make the most of your deserved break. 

The Monte Cavone haven in Tires at Catinaccio entices its guess with homemade delicacies, a picturesque mountain hut atmosphere and a whole-hearted experience, in contact with nature, at over 1,700 metres above sea level.

Soft and picturesque bedrooms

Stay overnight in a mountain hut with soft beds and picturesque rooms, at over 1,700 metres above sea level. Guests’ needs are rethought here like using candlelight and washing your hands in a traditional sink to ensure hygiene before going to sleep, the hut focuses on the essentials and treats guests to luxury of wild nature. The sun will gently wake you up in the morning while the cow bells ring in the fields. Have a delicious homemade breakfast: fresh milk, marmalade, butter and yogurt will give you a good start to the day. 

In Harmony


What you see on your plate comes from the forest, garden which is located behind the hut or from the sunny fields. Freshly grown vegetables, forest mushrooms, berries and spices, aromatic herbs are all combined to make a final exquisite dish. The cows provide fresh milk and nutrients every day. Delicious butter, ricotta and yogurt are also made from their milk. You will see on the menu for example “Frischkas mit Kreiter” (fresh cheese with aromatic herbs), nettle and spinach omelette “Farinello Buon-Enrico”, “Knedi mit Kress und Rucola” (canederli with water cress and rucola), “Goggelen wit Eartepfl” (eggs with potatoes) or a tasty barley soup. Homemade juices such as apple or elderflower quench your thirst and are also tasty. There are also local specialities like speck and mountain hut cheese to grab your attention and guarantee excellent meals. Here the cuisine is wonderful, regional and always healthy. 

Excellent cuisine and caring service.