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The Town Gates of Bruneck

Brunico (Bruneck)
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The Town Gates of Bruneck

Brunico (Bruneck)

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Informationen zu The Town Gates of Bruneck

The Ursulines Town Gate
This gate, which leads into town from west, is also called convent gate or lower gate. Before the Ursulines convent was built (in 1741) right behind the gate there were the customs square and the customs building, where goods bound to town were stocked and weighted. The tower of the gate is decorated with several pictures and blazons. The most important of them, presumably by Hans von Bruneck, was partly corrupted during enlargement works of the gate arch in 1758.

The Floriani Town Gate
This northbound town gate opens the way into the central town street and used to give access to the "Plarer", the area between the moat filled with water and the river Rienz. That's where the forage storehouses owned by burgerhs operating in agriculture were located. The gate derives its name from a statue of St. Florian on an well. Further old names of the gate were "Lucke" or "Schlipfturm". The three-parted blazon fresco above the gate is a work by Rudolf Stolz from Sexten.

The Rienz Town Gate
The traffic lead onto the central street passing through the Ursulines Gate used to leave it again through the Rienz Gate. From there it drove to customs, in those days located opposite the hospital church on what today is square "Kapuzinerplatz". There duty had to be paid on the goods leaving along the Pustertal road. This road was part of the Alemagna road which lead from Augsburg (Germany) to Venice. Several old names of the gate refer to the places one could reach passing the gate: pharmacy's gate, bridge gate, hospital gate, "Fleischpruggen gate".

The Ragen Town Gate
This gate connects the old town with Oberragen, which has always been part of Bruneck in spite of lying outside the town walls. It's also called upper gate or "Unterrainer Gate". A fresco inside the tower painted by Hans Weber in 1922 represents bishop Bruno, the founder of the town. The strongly weathered fresco underneath ist is marked with the year 1470, and is attributed to one of the painters grouping around Michael Pacher. The fresco on the outer wall used to bear a writing with the year 1388 which no longer can be recognized.

Four gates - the names are Ursulines Town Gate, Floriani Town Gate, Rienz Town Gate, Ragen Town Gate.

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