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The Rio Bletterblach Gorge

Aldino (Aldein) / Redagno (Radein)
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The Rio Bletterblach Gorge

Aldino (Aldein) / Redagno (Radein)

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Informationen zu The Rio Bletterblach Gorge

The Rio Bletterbach Gorge lies deep in the rock at the bottom of the Corno Bianco. Since the ice age the erosive force of the Rio Bletterbach has carved layers of earth, 8 kilometres long and 400 m deep.  On the whole it is thought that 10 million tons of debris were removed. The result of this erosion is a spectacular canyon. Like a book illustrating the story of the Earth, the gorge with its different layers of earth and debris bears witness to the geological events as well as to the climatic and environmental conditions of 250 million years ago. Fossils and dinosaur footprints were found here. An educational path called "Geo-Weg" takes us through the Rio Bletterblach Gorge using 16 signs which show the different rock layers, precious remains, fossils of animals and plants.

The Rio Bletterbach Gorge has carved an opening in the rock, approx. 400m deep, in the Bassa Atesina. It has eroded the landscape into the unique and beautiful shape of a canyon.

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