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Terlan parish church

Terlano (Terlan)
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Terlan parish church

Terlano (Terlan)

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Informationen zu Terlan parish church

The facade is not too impressive, but the mighty tower (75 m high) is worth a second look.

But the true value of this building is only revealed to those who enter it. The church houses the largest coherent works of the "Bolzano school".  The "Bolzano school" was a group of local artists who, from 1360, were inspired by the works of Giotto and his successors and in their tradition created remarkable works of art in a number of churches.

The best preserved examples of their work can bee seen here, in Terlan parish church. From 1390 the church interior was magnificently painted by various masters and their scholars, including Hans Stockinger. However, the paintings on the northern wall were not created until 1530 and must be attributed to the Renaissance period. Also quite impressive is a sandstone Coronation of the Virgin dating from the 14th century.

Terlan parish church is situated directly on the former state highway from Bolzano to Merano, but unfortunately many will pass it unnoticed.

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