Strongholds in France

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Make your vacation in France an unforgettable experience! We have put together our suggestions for the most beautiful places to visit and attractions available here. Enjoy discovering!
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The 10 Most Beautiful strongholds in France

Watching Grenoble from the Bastille
Stronghold · Rhône-Alpes
Fort de la Bastille
The Bastille is a fortress dating from the 19th century, located at the north of Grenoble on a hill
La Tour de Crest
Stronghold · Rhône-Alpes
„La Tour de Crest“
52 m hoher, mittelalterlicher Gefängnisturm mit herrlichem Panorama
Stronghold · Lorraine
Near the Vosges canal, the Grande Haye fort is one of the 17 fortifications of the Épinal stronghold and was built between 1882 and 1884. It was part of the defence line erected by General Séré de Rivières that was stretching from Dunkirk to Nice to protect the border after the 1870 war. This fort, built in ashlar when it was constructed, is one of the rare works from this period to have been modernised with concrete without being armoured. It had an open-air armament that controlled a sector from the Virine hill to the Thaon ravine and protected its neighbours, the forts of Dogneville, Bois l'Abbé and Uxegney. This fortification helped to protect the border for over 40 years, until the end of the Great War. Used as a munition depot during the interwar period, it was then occupied by the Germans during the Second World War before being used by the 170th Infantry Regiment and then by the 1st Regiment of infantrymen as a training ground. Owned by the town of Golbey, the fort is being restored since 2015 by the volunteers of Fortiff'Séré - the Séré de Rivières association. This restoration work, which initial work has enabled the structure to be completely cleared, has attracted the attention of the Fondation du Patrimoine.
Stronghold · Pyrénées-Orientales
Citadelle de Mont-Louis
Un site d'exception inscrit au Patrimoine Mondial de l'UNESCO.
Stronghold · Lorraine
Visit the fort of Uxegney, an exceptional proof of the efficient defensive system of France in 1914. Contemporary with the forts of Verdun, but avoided by the ravages of battle, the fort is representative of the evolution of fortification in the 19th century, from masonry to concrete with artillery under turrets. Built in 1884, the Uxegney fort was an important part of the Place d'Epinal. It served as a point of reference for the fortified system set up by General Séré de Rivières after the 1870 war. This structure, which has been restored by the volunteers of the ARFUPE association, is listed in the supplementary inventory of “Monuments historiques” due to its exceptional state of conservation. Built in masonry and then reinforced in concrete, it remains one of the very rare examples of forts modernised before 1914 that have remained intact. In the maze of underground galleries, you can discover a large number of restored elements (artillery turrets, cannons in situation, barracks, kitchen, electric factory, etc.), as well as the only working example of a Galopin eclipse turret for a 155mm cannon, a gigantic 250-ton mechanism. The Uxegney fort is connected to the Bois l'Abbé fort, located a little more than a kilometre to the east, by a section of the old military railway rebuilt by the association. Payment by credit card possible. Masks will be mandatory for visitors. Sanitary conditions will be those in force on the day of the visit.
Stronghold · Lorraine
90 minutes to discover the most important medieval fortress in Lorraine. Come and discover the five centuries of history of the fortification. Follow the guide and explore the ditches, the underground network of galleries and the rooms of the fortified area! The fortress is opened to visitors all year. The meeting point is the Guyot d'Avilley Cultural Centre, located in the former Notre-Dame convent. The guided tour begins at the museum and continues with a visit to the remains, which cover more than 55,000 m2. A tourist and cultural programme, for all audiences, is offered to visitors from March to November (exhibitions, restoration work camps for young people, shows and introductory courses in heritage professions). Reservations MUST be made by calling (+33)3 29 67 14 18 (maximum 9 people per group). Every two years, the event Les Médiévales attracts a large number of visitors, much to the delight of young and old alike, where knights, birds of prey and acrobats meet (next edition on 22 and 23 May 2021). The educational service of the fortress welcomes more than 4000 children per year from schools, leisure centres and specialised establishments (IME, FAP...) for a day or a week. After a visit, the little historians can learn about archaeology, calligraphy, heraldry, illumination, pottery, basketwork, stained glass and mosaics. Contact us at The detailed programme of all activities is available on Possibility of thematic group visits and/or accompanied by lunch or dinner. If you wish, this can be done in costume (please contact us). We look forward to welcoming you to the fortress!
Forteresse de Montbazon
Stronghold · Indre-et-Loire
Forteresse de Montbazon
La forteresse de Montbazon et son donjon fin Xe siècle dominent la ville de Montbazon depuis plus de mille ans. 
Forteresse royale de Chinon
Stronghold · Indre-et-Loire
Royal fortress of Chinon
Located on the perimeter of the Loire Valley classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Royal Fortress of Chinon is built on a rocky outcrop that offers magnificent views of the Vienne River and the roofs of the city.
Festung von Sedan
Stronghold · Ardennes
Festung von Sedan
Im Herzen der Stadt Sedan steht diese fast sechs Jahrhunderte alte Festung.
Givet bei Nacht
Stronghold · Ardennes
Festung Charlemont in Givet
Die unter Denkmalschutz stehende Zitadelle Charlemont in Givet wurde ab 1554 auf Antrag Karls V. zur Verteidigung seines Reiches erbaut.
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