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Stone figures

Sarentino (Sarntal)
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Stone figures

Sarentino (Sarntal)

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Informationen zu Stone figures

On the Schöneck plateau in the Sarentino Valley there are at least 100 unmissable stone figures awaiting hikers. Piles of stone rise up like giants. These are the  "Stoanernen Mandln" (stone figures). Gathered around the cross, these stone figures have been standing guard over the "Große Reisch" for the last five hundred years. Standing as tall as a man these are there to be admired.

Legal documents dating back to 1540 reveal that witches used to dance around the stone figures and worship the devil. This may not actually have happened. The enchanting and mysterious atmosphere that pervades this place creates a spectacular view. These stone figures make it undoubtedly a destination hikers won't want to miss!

The "Stoanernen Mandln" (stone figures) rise up on the Salto plateau in the Val Sarentino.