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Stelvio National Park

A landscape rich in contrasts

From a man-made cultural landscape down in the valley up vast woodland slopes until you reach the top of the mountain peaks of the Ortles-Cevedale range, the wonders of the Stelvio National Park are there for all to see.

The Stelvio National Park extends over 130,000 hectares, in the heart of the Alps. This is one of the largest, best protected regions in Europe. Only one third of the park is in Alto Adige. The region covers four Italian provinces in total.

From the wetlands down in the valleys, through lush woodlands and birch covered slopes, until you get to pasture land and the glaciers at high altitudes, the National Park with its different altitudes provides a rich variety of flora and fauna. 

And right at the heart the Ortles-Cevedale massif rises majestically with its rugged peaks. Pristine glacial rivers, roaring waterfalls and mountain lakes are all fed by the glacier. 

Down in the valley on the other hand is a landscape forged by the hand of man. Hikers will encounter farmhouses and churches. The National Park is full of contrasts and yet at the same time harmonious.

The idea of turning it into a protected area dates from the beginning of the last century. Initially 96,000 hectares were designated as a protected area.  In 1977 the area included in the National Park was expanded to the present 134,000 hectares.