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St Vigilius church

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St Vigilius church


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Informationen zu St Vigilius church

Numerous finds from the Bronze Age confirm the magical attraction of this special place. Towering at almost 1800 m, the St Vigilius church is dedicated to St Vigilius of Trento who, in the 4th century, was the town's  bishop and a martyr of the faith.

The church is first documented in records of the 12th century. Some of the bearing walls are early Romanesque, while the Gothic cross-rib vault and the tower were added later. Also of interest are the frescoes from the 14th century depicting the apostles and a crucifixion group.

Today the church is a popular destination for tourists as its location is fairly easy to reach and offers unrivalled panoramic views.

The small St Vigilius church on the Vigiljoch near Lana was built on a prehistoric place of worship.

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