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St Nikolaus in Albions

Laion (Lajen)
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St Nikolaus in Albions

Laion (Lajen)

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Informationen zu St Nikolaus in Albions

St Nikolaus is in the well-preserved hamlet of Albions, part of Lajen in Valle Isarco (Eisacktal). Modern life seems to have bypassed Albions, and the village presents itself as a harmonious community from days gone by. The St Nikolaus church itself is in a slightly elevated position and can be reached via a set of old stone steps. The original narrow entrance is flanked by a Christopherus fresco of 1496. Inside, the dominant feature of this single-nave construction is the ribbed vault. The late Gothic winged altar depicts St George dressed in full Maximilian knight's armour, defeating the dragon. This work was probably created around 1525 in a workshop in Brixen.

St Nikolaus (Nicholas) in Albions is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful village churches in South Tyrol.

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