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We have been running cycling tours since 1998. Our first step was purchasing 24 bikes and 24 locks. Next came a trailer on loan from a theatre group, with which we toured Austria, Holland and Germany. After 4 years, our first bikes were sold off to a rental company in Berlin; by then, hopelessly hooked on Europe's bikeways, we decided to go for it and invest in new ones – bright orange this time, in honour of Holland, the homeland of cycling.

Our bright two-wheelers have come a long way since then, and we currently have 2,000 of them and 200 e-bikes freewheeling out and about. Girolibero is now the principal Italian tour operator specialising in cycling holidays and offering over 200 itineraries worldwide in its brochure. We organise bike tours for thousands of Italians and we bring over to Italy just as many visitors to enjoy our cycling holidays.



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36100 Vicenza
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