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Ski tours in Italy


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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Italy. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful ski tours.
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The 10 most beautiful ski touring routes in Italy

Sci alpinismo in Cuneo: Testa Fontanile - 25.01.2021 - Demonte (CN)
Back-country skiing · Italy
Testa Fontanile - 25.01.2021 - Demonte (CN)
recommended route Difficulty moderate
13.2 km
3:30 h
923 m
923 m
Escursione con gli sci in zona boscata e quindi abbastanza sicura anche in condizioni generali non ideali. Partenza dalla Borgata Bergemolo, su strada sino a Bergemoletto da dove si prende il bosco per risalire sino alla Testa Fontanile.
Back-country skiing
Mont Fourchon
recommended route Difficulty moderate
8.7 km
3:15 h
1,073 m
109 m
Discesa da Cima Pissola
Back-country skiing · Giudicarie Centrali,Valle del Chiese
Cima Pissola con gli sci
recommended route Difficulty moderate
12.3 km
3:05 h
865 m
865 m
Uno dei percorsi più amati dagli amanti degli sci in Valle del Chiese: sicuro, appagante e con uno splendido panorama sul Gruppo dell'Adamello e le Dolomiti di Brenta
A pochi metri dalla cima
Back-country skiing · Val di Sole, Pejo e Rabbi
Cima Vegaia
recommended route Difficulty moderate
13.3 km
5:00 h
1,325 m
1,330 m
If the initial stretch of forest road (about 3 kilometres) appears to be a bit boring, the wide sunny slopes that you encounter when you get to Baita Pozze (altitude 2100m) are really ideal terrain for ski-mountaineering, offering you the opportunity to get to various peaks. The highest of these is Cima Vegaia, which lends its name to the entire Vegaia-Tremenesca subgroup of mountains.
In prossimità della cresta finale dell'itinerario che conduce a Cima Roma
Back-country skiing · Brenta Group
Cima Roma from Grostè: ski moutaineering route
recommended route Difficulty moderate
4.2 km
4:00 h
400 m
400 m
Easy route with skins from the station of arrival of the Grostè cablecar to the scenic Cima Roma and back along the same route. 
 Keilbachspitze - Gipfelkreuz
Back-country skiing · Zillertal Alps
Keilbach Peak 3,093m
Premium content Difficulty difficult
12.1 km
5:00 h
1,800 m
1,800 m
Nice and challenging high alpine ski tour to the Keilbachspitze.
Back-country skiing · Pala Group
Crossing the Plateau, Fradusta Peak and descent to the Canali valley
recommended route Difficulty difficult
13.3 km
5:00 h
475 m
1,795 m
This is the classic ski crossing of the Pale, alternating between desert and lunar landscapes on the Pale Plateau, and the majestic vertical towers of the Canali valley.
Val Mezdí
Back-country skiing · Alta Badia
Fresh snow descent from Val Mezdí valley in the Sella group
recommended route Difficulty difficult closed
8.4 km
1:45 h
177 m
1,305 m
A ski mountaineering excursion which is one of the "classics" of off-piste skiing in the Dolomites, crossing the Sella massif from south to north.
Chapel of the Christ the Redeemer on the top
Back-country skiing · Julian Alps
Mt. Matajur (1642 m), ski touring to the Italian side of the mountain
recommended route Difficulty moderate
7.4 km
2:00 h
641 m
630 m
Tour to Mt. Matajur is a safe option to choose when there is great danger of avalanches in high altitude mountains. It is an appropriate destination for morning or afternoon skiing and an excellent tour to a magnificent sightseeing hill. 
Back-country skiing · Altopiano di Folgaria,Lavarone,Luserna
The Climb of the Cornetto mountain
recommended route Difficulty moderate
8.8 km
2:30 h
1,000 m
930 m
The vertical route Carbonare / Cornetto has recently been restored and follows the traces of the historic ski slope that was closed in the year 1966. It is a route suitable for ski mountaineering, snowshoes and hiking. More and more new off-piste lovers come here to climb up this mountain between uncontaminated spaces and wild nature. It has a North / Northeast exposure with good snow resistance.
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Skitour zur V. Hornspitze 3148 mt. by Eduard
February 24, 2023 · alpenvereinaktiv.com
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When did you do this route? February 22, 2023
Gaishörndl, 2615m, 24. März 2019 by Daniel
February 14, 2023 · Community
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When did you do this route? January 27, 2023
Photo: Daniel Kubera, Community
Photo: Daniel Kubera, Community
Photo: Daniel Kubera, Community
Photo: Daniel Kubera, Community
Photo: Daniel Kubera, Community
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