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Palla Bianca

Curon (Graun)
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Informationen zur Tour Palla Bianca

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1750 m
  • Altitude
    1750 m
  • Max. height
    3670 m
Challenging route from Vallelunga to the Palla Bianca.


Ascent: we reach the Melago alpine hut, 1,970 m, via the road on the left or along the cross-country skiing trail. From here we venture into the valley as far as a small bridge on the Rio Freibrunn. At the beginning we keep to the right then to the left of the Rio Carlino that flows down the Vallelunga Glacier. We follow it as far as the bridge at 2,300 m. We can go up to the Rifugio Pio XI on the Palla Bianca, although this does extend the journey time. We go straight on and go up the hidden gorge to reach the tongue of the glacier. If there isn’t much snow in the gorge we can go round the rocks on the left and up to the tongue of the glacier, slightly extending the journey time. We now continue along the gently sloping glacier towards the environs of the Punta di Vallelunga, approx. 2,950 m. From the left edge of the glacier we go diagonally to the right and then up to the Forcella di Palla Bianca, 3,368 m. From here we go right as far as the foot of the eastern slope. As the path narrows it becomes steep. Depending on conditions we can go up with or without skis. We then continue slightly to the left and along a ridge that takes us directly to the summit.

Descent: via the same route. This is the only route to the Palla Bianca, which, in favourable conditions, allows us to ski down directly from the summit.


In late spring you can also reach the Melago alpine hut on a mountain bike.

Starting point


Target point



Ascent: 6–7 hours
Risk of avalanches: moderate, frequent on the slope leading to the summit
Direction: west – north – east
Ice-climbing equipment, ice axe and crampons recommended


Parking is available at Melago (1,915 m)

Public transportation

By bus or train to Malles, from here to Graun. Continue along the Vallelunga as far as Melago.


Along the Vallelunga as far as the village of Melago.

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