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Racines (Ratschings)
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Informationen zur Tour Einachtspitze

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    3:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    840 m
  • Altitude
    840 m
  • Max. height
    2275 m
Short hike to the Cima Einachtspitze in the Val Ridanna, ideal in winter.


Ascent: we go up briefly on the ski run and cross the meadows above the Entholz mountain farms to reach a facilities building on the left-hand edge of the wood. We follow route 25 (behind the building) up into the wood on the right-hand side of the stream and join the road from the left. We continue along this road heading right, until the “Jagelealm/Einachtspitze” crossing. We head right as far as the Wildenhütte (1,930 m), on the edge of the wood. We continue straight ahead in an open space, to the right of a barn situated on top of a hill and then turn left towards the Jagelealm (2,070 m), which is already visible. We continue uphill diagonally to the left, heading for the north-eastern Einachtspitze ridge. We go slightly left along a wide hollow to reach a ridge. We move to the right below a small rocky spur. Finally we go up a wide short, rocky ridge which takes us to the summit.

Descent: via the same route as far as the Wildenhütte; or, in safe snow conditions, you can descend directly from the north-eastern side of the mountain. We continue down the forest road until it widens. We then go down left through the wood with tall trees and, keeping to the left, we arrive at the end of the valley. We go past the stream on the left and join the uphill track. We go along this track diagonally to left and we return to the car park.


Wurzer Alpenspitze (2,220 m), easy ascent. Follow the track and turn left at the “Jagele Alm” junction, heading for the Innere Wurzeralm along this beautiful ridge leading to the summit.

Starting point

Entholz (1,400 m); car park near the ski lift

Target point

Entholz (1,400 m); car park near the ski lift


Direction: north - east
Difficulty for skiers: average
Difficulty for hikers: none


Parking is available near the ski lift (1,400 m)

Public transportation

Bus from Vipiteno in the Val Ridanno as far as Ridanna.


From Vipiteno along the Val Ridanna as far as the village of Entholz; approx. 13 km.

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