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Croda Alta

Val di Vizze (Pfitsch)
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Informationen zur Tour Croda Alta

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    5:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1430 m
  • Altitude
    1430 m
  • Max. height
    3235 m
To the Croda Alta in Vizze – challenging ski touring hike above the Passo di Vizze in the Alta Valle Isarco


We continue from the third hairpin bend for approx. 1.2 km until the fourth hairpin bend; and from here to the signpost. We go up to a hollow to the left of the Arzwände, 2,170 m, and from here diagonally left to the ridge (2,422 m). We go across a wide crag and then diagonally right until we reach the upper moraine (2,760 m), then along the left edge of the Stampfklee (glacier) until we reach the foot of the eastern side. First we go up a moderately steep slope, which gradually turns steeper (up to 35°). Now we can go up to the crest (leave our skis) and reach the summit on the left-hand side (exposed section); or we can go up the steep slope on the left shoulder of the summit and then reach the summit on the right.
Descent: via the same route.


To reach the Cima Nord we go along the glacier until we get to the last basin (3,000 m). From here we cross diagonally left along the eastern side up to a shoulder (3,200 m). We keep to the right and arrive at the foot of the summit where we leave our skis. We go along the left ridge briefly and reach the summit with the stone figure. We can go to the Cima Sud as well, but the route is long and exposed. Look out for snow ledges! The use of a rope is recommended.

Starting point

3rd hairpin bend (1,718 m) / 4th hairpin bend (1,806 m) - at the street to Passo di Vizze

Target point

3rd hairpin bend (1,718 m) / 4th hairpin bend (1,806 m)


Ascent: 5–6 hours
Risk of avalanches: frequent
Directions: south– east
Ice axe, rope and crampons recommended.


Parking is available near the 3rd hairpin bend (1,718 m) / 4th hairpin bend (1,806 m)

Public transportation


Along the Val di Vizze as far as Vizze di Dentro where we reach the Stein mountain farm, from here we continue towards the Passo di Vizze as far as the 3rd or 4th hairpin bend.

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Martin Braito

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