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Cima dell’Accla

Brennero (Brenner)
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Informationen zur Tour Cima dell’Accla

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1780 m
  • Altitude
    1780 m
  • Max. height
    3155 m
Long, high-altitude hike to the Cima dell'Accla, ideal in spring and late spring.


Ascent: we arrive near the Ochsenalm on the access road (1,690 m). We keep to the left-hand side of the valley and go as far as the gorge and the spring. If there is enough snow we go up to the gorge; if not, we go up the slope on the left-hand side of the rocks, turn right and reach a plateau on the higher side of the gorge, which is always covered in snow. We go up to the end of the gorge, and then continue on open ground slightly to the left. After going along a long ridge we go straight up until we reach a small pass on the right (2,650 m).
We go past a hollow a little further down, and continue diagonally right, on the left-hand side of a rock. We keep slightly to the right and continue uphill towards the Montarso glacier. We go up the glacier along a ridge on the right-hand side of some crevasses. In the middle of the glacial cirque first we go along a plateau, then along the right edge to go up to the Forcella di Montarso (Magdeburger Scharte, 3,110 m). If the snow conditions are good, we can continue on our skis up a steep slope. We leave our skis and go straight up to the foresummit. We reach the summit, a few meters higher, along an exposed crest.

Descent: via the same route

Starting point

Car park before the bridge leading to the Stein Höfe (1,375 m)

Target point

Car park before the bridge leading to the Stein Höfe (1,375 m)


Direction: east
Difficulty for skiers: average 
Difficulty for hikers: challenging near the summit; ice axe and crampons recommended; experience of glaciers necessary


Parking is available before the bridge leading to the Stein Höfe (1.375 m)

Public transportation


Vipiteno, Colle Isarco, Fleres di Dentro; take the road leading to the Stein Höfe before the village; approx. 16 km

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