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Cima Barba d'Orso di Fuori

Curon (Graun)
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Informationen zur Tour Cima Barba d'Orso di Fuori

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    5:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1520 m
  • Altitude
    1520 m
  • Max. height
    3426 m
Spring route!


Ascent: along the valley as far as the Melager Alm (1,970 m). We continue on the right-hand side of the stream as far as the entrance to the moraine. From here there are three possible routes: a) straight up, initially on a gentle slope which then gets steeper and steeper, to the right along the Vedretta della Fontana (Freibrunner Ferner), keeping an eye out for crevasses. b) up along the valley slope near the moraine, then turn right to the Vedretta di Barba d’Orso (Bärenbartferner) and continue uphill, initially in the centre then along the right side. At 3,267 m above sea level we reach the right-hand ridge, and then head south-west to reach the summit.
c) passing the Rifugio Pio XI at the Palla Bianca (2,542 m, open in spring, get more information!): head towards the rifugio or the summer trail (signposted 2) or along the valley to the left of the moraine. From the rifugio go down a gentle slope to the right towards the Vedretta di Vallelunga (Langtauferer Ferner) then up a steep slope to the Vedretta di Barba d’Orso. From here the ascent continues along the uphill route b).

Descent: along routes a) and b)


Alternatives: routes a) and b).

Starting point


Target point



Direction: north-west
Difficulty for skiers: moderate: difficult; with challenging downhill route
Difficulty for hikers: Experience required


Parking is available at Melago (1,915 m)

Public transportation

By bus or train to Malles, from here to Curon Venosta, continue along the Vallelunga as far as Melago.


Along the Val Venosta as far as Curon Venosta, from here along the Vallelunga as far as Melago (approx. 9 km).

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