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Zmailer Hof

Schenna - Scena, Schennaberg 48
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Zmailer Hof

Schenna - Scena, Schennaberg 48

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Informationen zu Zmailer Hof

Situated above the valley of Merano, the "Zmailer-Hof" mountain hut boasts splendid views over the Adige Valley and is a popular hiking destination. Some parts of the old mountain hut, such as the kitchen, corridor and the beautiful frescoes in the entrance hall, are protected as part of our cultural heritage. Guests can sample home-made local delicacies on the sunny terrace or in the welcoming "Stube". Visiting the "Zmailer-Hof" is a must even if it is just to sample our home-made fruit juices.

Selection of the menu
- Tyrolean dumpling soup
- Noodle soup with beef
- Cheese and nettle dumplings with brown butter and parmesan
- Dumplings with seasonal salad
- Fried eggs with bacon and roast potatoes
- Roast lamb ("Schöpsernes") or goulash (only Sundays)
- Cheese and bacon
- „Kaiserschmarren“
- Strudel
- “Krapfen” (South Tyrolean dessert)

Discover farming

A union of body and spirit

You can have Speck and cheeses, various kinds of soups, knodels with nettle, cheese, speck, or chicory in the spring, fried eggs with roast potatoes, "Kaiserschmarrn", various omelettes, strudel and "Krapfen". Available on Sundays or by reservation only: goulash soup, "Schöpsernes", home-made sausages and sauerkraut, pork roast or pork ribs.  Juices: blackberry, elderflower, and apple juice.

Just like grandma’s cooking!

Take a break at a "Hofschank"

The Hofschank inns are located next to farms outside the classic wine-making region. Therefore they don’t produce their own wines but guests are in for a treat with their very own home-made juices, wines from South Tyrol and the delicious local dishes they serve. They only use fresh, genuine ingredients sourced from local farms, and these have a unique flavour.

The essence of Hofschank

Fine foods from the mountain hut and the countryside

The Zmailerhof mountain hut is a farm with 20 animals. The following ingredients are sourced from the surrounding countryside and mountain huts: beef, milk, vegetables, apples, grapes, plums, cherries, raspberries, currants, elderflower, potatoes, and cauliflower. And they make their own wine, jam, vinegar, sauerkraut, fruit juices, and syrups.

Healthy and delicious

Fresh culinary delights served here

We only serve seasonal ingredients from our own vegetable garden and consequently there are different dishes every season. Any of the fruits of nature which we cannot use right away will be prepared according to traditional recipes. From A for acquavite to Z for zuppa d'orzo (barley soup), from season to season, our farmers will produce everything that a gourmet could possibly wish for.

What’s it like staying at a Red Rooster "Schank" inn?