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San Giacomo in Castelaz

Termeno (Tramin)
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San Giacomo in Castelaz

Termeno (Tramin)

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Informationen zu San Giacomo in Castelaz

Located in a highly panoramic place on the hill above Termeno is the church San Giacomo in Castelaz. This Romanesque church was built between 1214 and 1220.  It hosts one of the most ancient fresco cycles of the German-speaking area.  On the background of the frescoed wall wild beasts and imaginary animals are depicted.  Above them a representation of the 12 Apostles and Christ sitting on the throne with the four evangelists. In 1441 this work of art was covered completely with lime so the frescos had to wait until the XIX century before they were brought back to light.

The Chapel of San Giacomo (Saint James) in Castelaz near Termeno, in the Alto Adige backcountry, hosts ancient frescos of rare beauty.

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