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Ruins of St Peter

Caldaro (Kaltern)
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Ruins of St Peter

Caldaro (Kaltern)

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Informationen zu Ruins of St Peter

Ancient walls, remains of a vaulted apse, a foundation made of stone – it surely looks and feels like the oldest church in South Tyrol. It is hidden away under acacias on a hill in the Altenburg forest near Kaltern.

When the church was closed in 1782 by Emperor Joseph II it fell into disrepair. However, even today its ruined walls still contain the remains of the original three-nave basilica. All that is left of the opulent frescoes is some marbling in the lower part of the apse.

Near the ruined church there is a basin-like depression in a porphyry cliff. There are varying opinions as to whether this once was a burial ground or prehistoric sacrificial site and later a Christian baptismal font.

Today, the "Peace Trail" which was created between 1995 and 2000 leads along seven places of reflection to the mystical hill and the ruins.

This is probably the oldest church in South Tyrol, and it stands on a small hill in the middle of Altenburg forest near Kaltern in Überetsch.

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