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Rosengarten - Latemar

The legendary world of König Laurin - King Laurino

At a time when the Dolomites were still inhabited by giants and dwarfs, the king of dwarfs, King Laurino lived between the Rosengarten-Latemar - Catinaccio-Latemar mountains. He was the guardian of a beautiful rose garden.

But one day, he cursed the beautiful flowers and transformed everything into rock. Never again was the garden to be seen, neither by day nor by night. But the dwarf forgot to include the sunset in his curse. The consequence of the dwarf’s forgetfulness is that, at sundown, the face of the pale mountains of the Rosengarten – Catinaccio take on a breathtaking pink, orange and red colouring thus creating the “enrosadira” phenomenon.

There are many tales about the Rosengarten – Catinaccio area. The two ski resorts; Carezza and Obereggen; attract nature and sports lovers not only in winter but also during the high season. The extended conifer forests and the pleasing alpine pastures are home to the densest network of hiking trails in Südtirol - Trentino Alto Adige. These hiking trails can be travelled on foot or by mountain bike. The surrounding scenery is beautiful. At the Latemar mountain foot, the Karersee – Lago di Carezza lays calm in its many iridescent shades of blue. The glorious Kirche Maria Weißenstein bei Petersberg – Santuario Madonna di Pietralba sanctuary greets the many pilgrims in Monte S.Pietro.
The Rosengarten – Catinaccio-Latemar area is the place to go if you are a keen hiker, mountainbiker or rock climber and you are looking for a place your children can benefit from these activities too. In winter and in summer the Rosengarten – Catinaccio-Latemar area is the perfect place to be.

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