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Summer in open-air

“Here in Ritten – Renon I have found out I have an inexhaustible will to do absolutely nothing.” Sigmund Freud used these words to describe one of his stays on the pleasant Ritten= Renon plateau, close to Bozen – Bolzano”.

The Ritten – Renon plateau has always been a very popular destination for tourists that are searching for a place to rest. In 1907, an electric railway inaugurated the first ever journey to the Ritten – Renon plateau from the very central Waltherplatz – Piazza Walther square in Bozen – Bolzano. A delightful train connecting small settlements on the plateau is still running today but no longer takes you all the way up: in order to do so, you need to get on the cable car. While on the cable car you cannot miss the change in nature and plant species.

If you are keen on culture and cultural activities it is strongly recommended you go to the Ritten – Renon and Lengmoos  - Longomoso “Giochi estivi”.

The Ritten – Renon region in Südtirol - Trentino Alto Adige is recommended if you are looking for a place where you can take your children hiking and mountain biking both in summer and winter.

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