• Lanzada, Sondrio
    Lanzada, Sondrio Photo: Marek Piwnicki, CC0, Unsplash.com
  • Lago di Como
    Lago di Como Photo: Damian Chojnacki, CC0, Unsplash.com
  • Duomo di Milano
    Duomo di Milano Photo: Luca Bravo, CC0, Unsplash.com
  • Alpi lombarde Photo: CC0, Unsplash.com
  • Val Masino, Sondrio Photo: Francesco Perego, CC0, Unsplash.com
  • Ausblick auf den Comer See Photo: Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive Editors


It is no coincidence that the region between the Po and the Alps is one of the richest in Europe. But Lombardy also has a lot to offer in terms of landscape. While the southern half of the region lies in the fertile Po Valley and is used intensively for agriculture, the land in the alpine north on Piz Bernina rises to over 4000 m above sea level. The northern Italian lakes are also located in the north of Lombardy: Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, Lake Iseo, Lake Garda and parts of Lake Lugano stretch like fjords far into the Alps.

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Destinations in Lombardy


Attractions in Lombardy

Die Lombardei - kulturelles Outdoorparadies

Lombardy is a region of northern Italy that is truly varied and rich in panoramas. Its borders are delimited to the north with Switzerland, to the south with Emilia Romagna, to the west with Piedmont and finally to the east with Trentino and Veneto. Thanks to the spectacular alpine scenery in the northern part of the region, Lombardy is a destination for lovers of hiking, climbing and cycling that offer breathtaking views and great sceneries. Lake Como and Lake Maggiore are also well researched destinations for the unique atmospheres of their hamlets and villages close to the water. The region also includes a good part of the Po Valley, a land that is largely used for crops, but also rich in walking and cycle paths that allow you to visit the unexplored villages, abbeys and monuments scattered throughout the water canals. Lombardy offers a truly interesting cultural heritage, which ranges from the rock engravings of the Camonica Valley, the Roman and Longobard sites, up to the powerful noble families of the Visconti, Sforza, Gonzaga with their villas, castles and monuments. The historic centers of Pavia, Vigevano, Como, Sirmione, Mantua, Bergamo, not to mention Milan with its imposing Gothic cathedral, make the region truly full of attractions. Instead, the Alps provide a real open-air amusement park, which immerses the visitor in contact with incredible nature, to be discovered through the countless mountain paths and via ferratas for all tastes and activities.

War trails

Trails and passages that retrace mule tracks, trenches and defensive lines of the Great Wars. Discovering these paths it is possible to remember a past able to make us think, and to make these magnificent panoramas being lived through even more profound values.

Garda lake

One of the most known destinations in Italy. The Mediterranean climate in a beautiful scenery that offers everything you need with its incredible alpine mountain views, relaxation and sports on the lake, and unique wine-hills landscapes.