• Colosseum
    Colosseum Photo: Dennis Van Den Worm, CC BY-SA, Unsplash
  • Die Engelsbrücke in Rom
    Die Engelsbrücke in Rom Photo: Bert Kaufmann, CC BY-SA, www.flickr.com


Rome, heart of the Roman Empire and seat of the Papal State, does not need any business card. But Lazio is much more than that. Medieval art and the Renaissance make Lazio a land of art and culture, and also not to be forgotten are the various naturalistic attractions such as Lake Bolsena, the Natural Park of Bracciano and the Apennine territories with the Monti della Laga.
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Destinations in Lazio


Attractions in Lazio

Lazio, once the core province of the Roman Empire, has a multitude of cultural and scenic treasures. Rome, the "Eternal City", attracts hundreds of thousands every year with its ancient monuments. The Roman Forum, the Colosseum and the Baths of Caracalla are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Sabine Mountains and the Abruzzo ridge offer opportunities for hikers and mountain bikers. The Fiuggi and Viterbo thermal baths, on the other hand, are ideal for relaxation for those looking for wellness. The Pontic Islands with their rocky cliffs and hidden grottoes fascinate water sports enthusiasts and divers.

You can find more information about the Lazio region here: www.lazioturismo.it