• View of the coastal town of Positano
    View of the coastal town of Positano Photo: Jensens, CC0, Wikimedia Commons
  • Die Ostküste der Insel Capri
    Die Ostküste der Insel Capri Photo: Wolfgang Schulz, DAV Sektion Schwaben


A very rich land. Campania is able to offer colours, flavours, parfumes, images and values of a land that grounds its potential in its natural beauty, and its priceless cultural heritage.
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Destinations in Campania


Attractions in Campania

Enclosed between the southern Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Campania is a region famous for its capital, Naples, but its values go way beyond a city. Thanks to its territory, landscapes and beautiful sceneries do not miss here. Both inland and sea are able to offer breathtaking views. Places like Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento, Marina di Camerota and many other,s allow the traveller to feel the sophisticated beauty of a colorful place, and the colossal Vesuvio impresses by dominating the whole city of Naples, leaving traces of its ditructive power in Pompei. Even more the region has to offer with its culinary traditions, from the world-wide famous pizza napoletana to paccheri al ragu´, many variations of fish dishes and incredible desserts like sfogliatelle, baba, pastiera and many others. In few words: a land to explore in every sense. 

Explore Campania

The Amalfi coast with its secluded bays, cliffs and romantic villages awaits you with a unique natural landscape. Beach holidaymakers and water sports enthusiasts linger on the islands of Capri and Ischia, while those looking for wellness visit the warm thermal baths of Castellammare and Sant 'Angelo.