• Campo Imperatore, Aquila
    Campo Imperatore, Aquila Photo: Johannes Beilharz, CC0, Unsplash.com
  • Photo: CC0, Unsplash.com
  • Casale San Nicola, corno grande del Gran Sasso
    Casale San Nicola, corno grande del Gran Sasso Photo: Lorenzo Lamonica, CC0, Unsplash.com
  • Gran Sasso, Pietracamela Photo: Daniele Franchi, CC0, Unsplash.com


Abruzzo is the seat of the Gran Sasso Natural Park, with a wonderful natural landscape. The flat coastal strip on the Adriatic with the cities of Pescara and Giulianova merges with the hilly Mediterranean region. On the horizon stands the almost 3,000 m high rock of the Gran Sasso. Due to the varied shape of the land, the region has a lot to offer travelers in terms of sights and activities.
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Attractions in Abruzzo

Discover the region

Abruzzo, a wild land to explore. Located in central Italy, Abruzzo borders the Marche to the north, Lazio to the west, Molise to the south and finally the Adriatic Sea to the east. Thanks to its geographical location, the region offers a diversified panorama, ranging from the sandy coasts of the Adriatic to the forests, plateaus and mountains of the Apennines in the hinterland. A highly valuable fauna and flora diversification makes Abruzzo an important natural heritage, including several regional parks and nature reserves as well as obviously the magnificent Gran Sasso National Park. Visitors along the sea coast are attracted to the beaches of the Adriatic, while more active vacationers can choose the mountainous terrain of the hinterland. Mountain bike lovers can take advantage of a wonderful bike arena on the Campo Imperatore plateau. Mountaineers and climbers will also find their ideal conditions here. In winter there is enough snow in the high areas .; Skiers and snowboarders are attracted to the Roccaraso and Campo Felice ski areas. Great fun on the slopes and impressive views of the nearby Adriatic coast are guaranteed. All this is the setting for a territory rich in history and culture, where medieval fortresses, perched villages and historical centers rich in cultural value suggest a truly interesting past to be discovered. A magnificent destination, with typical gastronomic products, where customs and traditions are still strong and alive.

The heart of the Appennines

The Gran Sasso mountain range is a national park area that offers habitat to diverse wildlife species and a huge variety of flora. Such an unspoiled land is very rich in terms of sceneries and view, offering to the visitors the ability appreciating and respecting the genuiness of the place. 
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Corno Grande

Located in Abruzzo at an altitude of 2912 m, the Corno Grande peak represents the heart of the Gran ...

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