Data protection

Data protection
Policy under Article 13 of the Privacy Law

(Legislative Decree no. 196 of 3 June 2003)

Privacy and Security

Our privacy policy complies with current Italian legislation regarding personal data protection (d.lgs 196/2003). We protect your data transfer using a secure SSL connection. We encode the data supplied by you, such as your address, your telephone number, your email address, your password, etc.

Storing your data

We collect your data to enable the system to function properly and to guarantee your security. Your information is held on our server. You have the right to receive information concerning the data we hold about you at any time, as well as to request that we change or delete the data or to object to the manipulation of the data. Your information can be viewed and/or modified online. You can find out about how we use your personal information when you register with

Disclosure of data to third parties

First Avenue Srl shall use your personal data for marketing purposes only with your consent. Your information will be disclosed only to send advertising, promotional, and marketing material through our newsletter which you will receive if you agreed to this when you registered. You can at any time object to the disclosure of your personal data for the purpose of sending you advertising, promotional, and marketing material. In this case please contact us via e-mail at

Right to check personal data

You have the right to request to see your personal data at any time. In this case, please contact us via e-mail at

You have the right to receive information about the following:
a) where your data comes from
b) in what way and for what purpose your data will be used
c) the logic we apply in the event of electronic manipulation
d) the individual or group who the data will be sent to, or who might have access to it in their capacity as data administrators and developers.

Furthermore, you are entitled to:
a) update, correct, or, should you wish to do so, integrate the data
b) delete, make anonymous or prevent the disclosure of any information which contravenes the law
c) check that any person that has access to your information has been notified of the actions referred to in points a) and b)

Furthermore, you are entitled to object to the use of your personal data:
a) for legitimate reasons even if the disclosure is for data collection purposes
b) if the disclosure is for the purpose of sending you advertising, promotional, and marketing material or for marketing research purposes.

Deletion of your personal data

If you do not want your personal data to be held on our server, please let us know by contacting the following address: First Avenue Srl; password: privacy, Via Dante. 28, 39100 – Bolzano. We undertake to delete your personal data within a reasonable timeframe.

Alternatively, you can send this request by e-mail to

First Avenue Srl is responsible for holding your data and for the use of any personal information you have sent us.