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Plan de Corones/Kronplatz

Journey through the valley

The road glides gently through the gorge that leads to Mühlbach – Rio Pusteria, the entrance to Pustertal – Val Pusteria valley. Round rather than angular towers. A wall clambers up with seeming difficulty along the wooded crest.

Once, the fortress represented a road block, and was a functional barrier for the collection of the excise duty for the Pustertal – Val Pusteria. Today, visitors can travel freely without having to worry about barriers.

The main road soon gives way to the Sonnenstraße – Strada del sole that takes you to Terenten – Terento, Issing – Issengo ,Pfalzen – Falzes up until Bruneck – Brunico. The welcoming climate and presence of the sun attracts many people to stroll around and discover the wonders of the surrounding nature and elements.

The main road passes by the Lodenmuseum – Museo del Loden museum, and carries on towards Bruneck - Brunico. Bruneck – Brunico is the heart and soul of the Pustertal – Val Pusteria. In the medieval town centre you can admire the architecture, small but famous boutiques and many bars and cafes where one can taste the local delicacies.