Landscape in Savoie

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

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Make your vacation in Savoie an unforgettable experience! We have put together our suggestions for the most beautiful places to visit and attractions available here. Enjoy discovering!
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The 10 Most Beautiful Places to see in Savoie

Park · Rhône-Alpes
Mont-Cenis alpine garden
The Alpine Garden, located in the magnificent site of Mount Cenis presents more than 250 species of flowers and plants of the Alps. In addition to the thematic itinerary, it offers every summer numerous activities for a family audience
Park · Rhône-Alpes
Mountain garden
Located under the village church, stroll through this peaceful educational space. Themed desks and botanical signs mark the route in order to enlighten the visitor on the flora, fauna and heritage of the mountain environment.
Waterfall · Rhône-Alpes
Cirque des Evettes
Above Bonneval sur arc, the Evettes glaciers is one of the most extraordinary one in Savoy Mont Blanc (Savoie Mont Blanc) due to its natural wealth and hiking accessibility. It is surrounded by peaks more than 3000m altitude high.
Lake · Rhône-Alpes
Plan d'Aval lake
Lake Plan d'Aval (1 948m) is a website popular with walkers - you can walk around - like fishermen (public domain). At the entrance of the Vanoise National Park, hiking and many are used to admire the flora and fauna.
Lake · Rhône-Alpes
Plan d'Amont lake
Waters "turquoise" of Plan d'Amont (2 078m) are a delight for the eyes. Surrounded by majestic mountains, it's a perfect starting point for many tours and hikes in the national park of Vanoise.
Dam · Rhône-Alpes
Dams of Plan d'Amont and Plan d'Aval
Built between 1945 and 1956, these two dams are built into the Hydroelectric Complex Haute-Maurienne and participate in particular filling the reservoir of Mont Cenis. They are located near the National Park of the Vanoise.
Natural Monument · Rhône-Alpes
The river Arc, its gravel banks, its specific vegetation
The river Arc is part of the village life. It changes its river bed according to the requent flood and leaves its prints in the landscapes.
Natural Monument · Haute-Maurienne-Vanoise
The Monolithe of Sardières
Geological curiosity famous for its climbing, thin needle of cargneule with warm shades, yellow ochre, 93 meters high overlooking the forest of Plan Bois. Gateway to the Vanoise National Park.
Natural Monument · Rhône-Alpes
Valley of la Rocheure
Located in the central zone of the Vanoise National Park, this sector is one of the most interesting from a floristic point of view. ZNIEFF" zone: Natural zone of Ecological, Floristic and Faunistic interest.
Lighthouse · Rhône-Alpes
Telegraph Chappe Mollard Fleury
The Chappe telegraph is an optical telecommunications system set up by Napoleon. Located at an altitude of 2000 m on the Paris Milan line in the Vanoise National Park, the Mollard-Fleury poste (or substation) has been restored and in summer regular visits will allow you to discover its operation. Two other substations have also been restored, making it possible to send messages.
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