Pilgrim walks in Vahrn

South Tyrol, Italy

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Vahrn. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful Pilgrim walks.
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The 10 Most Beautiful Pilgrim walks in Vahrn

unterwegs unter der Autobahn
Pilgrim trail · Eisacktal
Via Romea: Fortezza - Bressanone
Difficulty easy Stage 49
12.1 km
3:15 h
28 m
209 m
Dom St. Jakob in Innsbruck
Pilgrim trail
Romweg: Innsbruck - Rom - Vatikanstadt
Multi-stage route
1,178.1 km
337:35 h
22,554 m
23,166 m
Dieser Weg spricht alle Pilgernden an, die Rom von  Mitteleuropa aus über die Brennerroute erreichen wollen. Innsbruck ist dabei nicht zufällig als Ausgangspunkt gewählt worden. Diese Stadt hat eine lange Pilgertradition und der Dom zu St. Jakob ist ein beredtes Zeugnis davon.
Kloster Neustift
Pilgrim trail · Eisacktal
Romweg - Abt-von-Stade-Weg: Stilfes - Brixen
Stage 4
26.6 km
7:00 h
93 m
496 m
Route: Stilfes - Niederried - Pfulters - Grasstein - Sachsenklemme - Mittewald - Kloster Neustift - Brixen
Pilgrim trail · Elbe-Weser-Dreieck
VIA ROMEA- Stade-Ferrara 27.April-28.Juni 2017
Difficulty difficult
1,585.5 km
425:17 h
19,590 m
19,594 m
Start 27.April 2017 by minus Temparaturen in Stade. 1600km bis Ferrara in Italien mit vielen "Hoehen und Tiefen". Die letzten Strecken in Italien mit 40Grad Temperaturen in Ferrara den Weg nach Rom unterbrochen am 26. Juni 2017 Im Mai 2019 werde ich den VIA ROMEA von Ferrara nach Rom fortsetzen .
Pilgrim trail · Eisacktal
Südtirolerweg: Niedervintl - Franzensfeste
Difficulty difficult
21.1 km
6:00 h
321 m
362 m
Pilgrim trail · Eisacktal
Südtirolerweg: Niedervintl - Klausen
Difficulty difficult Stage 1
32.3 km
9:30 h
634 m
879 m
Pilgrim trail · Chiemsee-Alpenland
Pilgerweg nach Rom
1,212.9 km
261:37 h
27,510 m
28,003 m
Mein geplanter Pilgerweg von Eggstätt nach Rom. Am 8. Mai 2015 will ich beginnen. Schaun wir mal!
Pilgrim trail · Eisacktal
RSIT02 - Vipiteno > Bressanone | Claudia Augusta
33.2 km
8:25 h
131 m
518 m
Siamo sulla diramazione internazionale che dal Passo Resia, al confine con l’Austria, si innesta nel cammino principale della Via Romea Strata a Montagnana (Veneto). Il cammino è molto variegato, attraversa le montagne e le valli del Trentino alto Adige fino ad arrivare al Passo Pian delle Fugazze che attraversa la Catena del Monte Pasubio fino a scendere nella Pianura Padana. Il territorio è caratterizzato da una natura molto selvaggia e verdeggiante. Molti sono i punti di interesse storico e religioso: Bolzano, Trento e Vicenza. Lungo il percorso ci sono molti santuari frequentati da sempre dai pellegrini. L’enogastronomia risente delle varie tradizioni etniche insediate in queste terre.
Pilgrim trail · Eisacktal
VIA ROMEA (ITA STAGE 2) – Vipiteno – Bressanone
31.6 km
8:05 h
151 m
540 m
Vipitenum was a Roman “mansio”on the Brenner Road at 948 m of altitude, which between the 9th and 11th C: took the name of Wibitina. Early in the 13th C. the German population called it Sterzing. The picturesque town, numbers 6.575 inhabitants. The parish Church is well worth a visit, it is called “Madonna della Palude”, (Our Lady of the Swamp) and ha a bell tower reaching 32 m. It was built on the remains of a Romanesque church next to a Roman graveyard, from which a funerary relief was dug up and placed in the present church, which has been restored in the 15th, 16th and 18th C., whereas in the 19th C. it was given a Neo-Gothic character. Older that the latter is the Church of Santo Spirito (Holy Spirit) of the late 14th C., with mural paintings by Hans of Brunich representing the Last Judgment, a Procession of the Magi and scenes from the Passion of Christ. The “Tower of the Twelve”, which divides the old from the new town, is the distinctive landmark of Vipiteno. The Municipal Palace is late Gothic 16th C. building, restored at the end of the 19th C. It recalls Northern styles mixed with local folk architectures. The visitor must also see the Deutschhouse, near the Parish Church, which contains the Civic Museum, the Multscher Museum, the Church of St Elizabeth, the Musical Institute and the Burgerkapelle Sterzing
Pilgrim trail · Elbe-Weser-Dreieck
1,931.4 km
470:22 h
8,495 m
7,891 m
Full path of the Via Romea Germanica. Please be carefull and check all the detailed staged path before you start your jurney! (find it on these outdooractive account or viaromeagermanica.com) VIA ROMEA GERMANICA is a 94 stages pillgrim path. more info @ VIAROMEAGERMANICA.COM Contact us for more info and see complete descriptions, points of interess and much more AT  VIAROMEAGERMANICA.COM
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Südtirolerweg: Niedervintl - Franzensfeste by Alex
May 18, 2019 · Community
When did you do this route? May 16, 2019

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