Pilgrim walks in Kaltern a.d. Weinstr.

South Tyrol, Italy

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Kaltern a.d. Weinstr.. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful Pilgrim walks.
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The 10 Most Beautiful Pilgrim walks in Kaltern a.d. Weinstr.

Via Claudia Augusta
Pilgrim trail · Veneto
recommended route Difficulty difficult
608.3 km
174:30 h
12,488 m
12,477 m
Walking in the footsteps of the Romans from the Danube to the Po River and the Adriatic Sea
Dom in Bolzano
Pilgrim trail · Bolzano and environs
Via Romea: Bolzano - Termeno
Difficulty difficult Stage 54
27 km
7:45 h
472 m
452 m
Dom St. Jakob in Innsbruck
Pilgrim trail
Romweg: Innsbruck - Rom - Vatikanstadt
Multi-stage route
1,178.1 km
337:35 h
22,554 m
23,166 m
Dieser Weg spricht alle Pilgernden an, die Rom von  Mitteleuropa aus über die Brennerroute erreichen wollen. Innsbruck ist dabei nicht zufällig als Ausgangspunkt gewählt worden. Diese Stadt hat eine lange Pilgertradition und der Dom zu St. Jakob ist ein beredtes Zeugnis davon.
Pilgrim trail · Bolzano and environs
Romweg - Abt-von-Stade-Weg: Bozen - Kalterersee
Stage 8
21.9 km
6:00 h
331 m
386 m
Route: Bozen - Frangart - Girlan - Kaltern - Kalterer See Nach Bozen vorbei am hoch thronenden Schloss Sigmundskron und durch die Weinberge der Orte Frangart, Girlan, und Kaltern.
Weinstrasse Tramin
Pilgrim trail · Bolzano and environs
Romweg - Abt-von-Stade-Weg: Kalterersee - - Cadino
Stage 9
26.7 km
7:00 h
269 m
272 m
Route: Kalterer See - Tramin - Kurtatsch - Magreid - Kurtinig - Salurn - Cadino
Pilgrim trail · Elbe-Weser-Dreieck
VIA ROMEA- Stade-Ferrara 27.April-28.Juni 2017
Difficulty difficult
1,585.5 km
425:17 h
19,590 m
19,594 m
Start 27.April 2017 by minus Temparaturen in Stade. 1600km bis Ferrara in Italien mit vielen "Hoehen und Tiefen". Die letzten Strecken in Italien mit 40Grad Temperaturen in Ferrara den Weg nach Rom unterbrochen am 26. Juni 2017 Im Mai 2019 werde ich den VIA ROMEA von Ferrara nach Rom fortsetzen .
Pilgrim trail · Chiemsee-Alpenland
Pilgerweg nach Rom
1,212.9 km
261:37 h
27,510 m
28,003 m
Mein geplanter Pilgerweg von Eggstätt nach Rom. Am 8. Mai 2015 will ich beginnen. Schaun wir mal!
Pilgrim trail · Bolzano and environs
VIA ROMEA (ITA 6) – Bolzano – Termeno
25.7 km
7:12 h
528 m
512 m
Bolzano fascinates the visitor with its double identity: through two real souls which share the city in a constant cultural and linguistic exchange. For centuries the chief town of this region has been a privileged centre for exchange between the Italian and the Germanic regions. A tangible evidence of such past may be seen in the churches, the palaces, the streets and the squares of Bolzano which deserve the attention of the traveler. Things to see: The imposing Cathedral, the Dominicans Church, the Franciscans Church, the Civic Museum , which contains the famous Similaun mummy, or (Ötzi) the Ice Man. The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art,  Via dei Portici, Castel Roncolo. Fascinating lanes through shady woodlands will take us to the discovery of delightful ponds with crystalline pure waters. Hills clothed with vineyards, and extensive orchards, in a landscape that never ceases to amaze.
Pilgrim trail · Elbe-Weser-Dreieck
1,931.4 km
470:22 h
8,495 m
7,891 m
Full path of the Via Romea Germanica. Please be carefull and check all the detailed staged path before you start your jurney! (find it on these outdooractive account or viaromeagermanica.com) VIA ROMEA GERMANICA is a 94 stages pillgrim path. more info @ VIAROMEAGERMANICA.COM Contact us for more info and see complete descriptions, points of interess and much more AT  VIAROMEAGERMANICA.COM
Pilgrim trail · Kassel Land
Pilgerweg am 20. November 2021
1,716.3 km
341:42 h
32,553 m
32,726 m
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