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Parco Naturale Monte Corno - Trudner Horn

A forest park

The nature reserve extends from down in the valley up to the mountain of the same name, Monte Corno. The landscape in the Bassa Atesina keeps changing.

The park to the south of Alto Adige extends over 6,866 hectares and includes the hamlets of Anterivo, Montani, Egna, Salorno and Trodena.

The incredible biodiversity of the landscape is truly impressive. The Monte Corno Nature Park includes, pasturelands, ponds, mountain lakes, moors, meadows surrounded by forests of larches. This is due to the different altitude. The highest point at 1,117 m above sea level, is the peak which gives the park its name, Monte Corno. More than 80% of the park is covered in woodland.

The surrounding natural landscape is exceptional featuring beautiful tiger lilies, orchids and blooms with their vivid colours, as well as rare animals such as the salamander or the praying mantis. This is why it became a protected region in 1980 and was inaugurated as a nature reserve twenty years later. Visitors can find information on the history of this natural landscape and undertake numerous hikes and excursion to explore the territory.