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Ortles/Ortler area

A giant frozen by snow and ice.

He was taller than all the surrounding summits, vain and arrogant. The dwarfs felt threatened by him. One day the shameless dwarf “Nudelhopf” decided to get on top of the Ortles the giant’s head …

Once he reached the top he started doing somersaults and mocking the giant’s stature. Ortler – Ortles the giant wanted to get rid of the dwarf, by trying to make him fall off from his head, but he realised he was incapable of moving any part of his body. The fright that took over him after this realisation transformed him into ice and rock.

There are fourteen mountains that are higher than three thousand metres around the highest massif of Südtirols – Alto Adige. The whole Ortlergebiet – zona dell’Ortles is situated in the National Park Stilfserjoch – Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio, and is one of the biggest protected areas of Europe. At the Ortler – Ortles mountain foot; at 1570 metres; is the picturesque Trafoi mountain village.

The Stilfser Joch Straße – Strada dello Stelvio road is the highest mountain crossing in Italy. This mountain crossing is one of the most ambitious routes for cyclists and is one of the most exhausting legs of some editions of the annual Giro d’Italia. In close proximity to the Stilfser Joch – Stelvio is one of the biggest and most impressive ski resorts of the Alpes.