• Breitachklamm
    Breitachklamm Photo: Katharina Aulke, Outdooractive Editors
  • Ice in the Starzlachklamm
    Ice in the Starzlachklamm Photo: Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive Premium
  • Starzlachklamm
    Starzlachklamm Photo: Sonja Kamath, Stadt Sonthofen
  • Hiking through the gorge "Starzlachklamm" Photo: Christa Fredlmeier, Allgäu GmbH

Natural monuments in the Oberallgäu

Bavaria, Germany

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The Oberallgäu impresses with numerous natural monuments. Gorges such as the "Breitachklamm" or the "Starzlachklamm" are popular destinations for excursions. The impressive cave "Sturmannshöhle" in Obermaiselstein is the only accessible cave in the Allgäu. In the centre of Reichholzried, you will find the "Gerichtslinde", a beautiful thousand-year-old tree. In the forest near Kempten, you will also find the "Dengelstein", the largest preserved boulder of the Iller Glacier.
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natural monuments in the Oberallgäu

Natural Monument · Allgäu
The "Judenkirche" (jewish church) is a large, natural rock arch of light limestone with a large cavity behind it.
Natural Monument · Allgäu
The Bockerstein at the Hauchenberg is a boulder made of Nagelfluh rock. The rock rises about 30 meters from the ground.
Natural Monument · Allgäu
Natural Monument · Allgäu
Old yew tree
On about 1200 m the oldest tree of the Allgäu is found. The "old yew tree" consists of two shoots, which are floating from the remains of an ancient tree trunk.
Natural Monument · Allgaeu Alps
Natural Monument · Allgäu
Gerichtslinde Reicholzried
Natural Monument · Allgäu
The Breitachklamm near Oberstdorf is not only the deepest, but also one of the most impressive and spectacular rock gorges in Central Europe.
Natural Monument · Allgäu
Starzlach gorge (Starzlachklamm)
The Starzlachklamm is a gorge located near the Sonthofen district of Winkel. It was formed over several thousand years by the mountain stream of the same name. 
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