Museums in Bellinzona and Valleys

Ticino, Switzerland

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Make your vacation in Bellinzona and Valleys an unforgettable experience! We have put together our suggestions for the most beautiful places to visit and attractions available here. Enjoy discovering!
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The 10 Most Beautiful museums in Bellinzona and Valleys

Map / Sasso San Gotthardo
Museum · Bellinzona and Valleys
Sasso San Gotthardo
HISTORISCHE FESTUNG; Einstig streng geheim, heute ein einzigartiges Museum. Diverse geführte Rundgänge, Indiviueller Rundgang, diverse Ausstellungen. Fazinierende Kristall Ausstellung
Museum · Bellinzona and Valleys
Sasso San Gottardo
Once TOP SECRET - today a unique museumThe unique museum "Sasso San Gottardo" is located in the huge caverns of the former Gotthard fortress deep inside the mountain. The fortress on the Gotthard Pass was one of the largest underground defence installations in Switzerland and was still operated as a top-secret military facility until 2001.
Museum · Bellinzona and Valleys
Nationales St. Gotthard-Museum
An Alpine pass and its history – a museum at 2,100 metres above sea level.The National St Gotthard Museum tells the gripping story of humanity’s long, arduous struggle to open up and constantly improve the Gotthard Pass as a major trade and traffic route.
Dazio Grande.
Museum · Ticino
Dazio Grande
Museum · Bellinzona and Valleys
Museo della Valle di Blenio
Museum · Bellinzona and Valleys
Museo Nazionale del San Gottardo
Museum · Bellinzona and Valleys
Museo Cà da Rivöi
Museum · Bellinzona and Valleys
Grotta dei Minerali
Museum · Bellinzona and Valleys
Museo Villa dei Cedri
Museum · Bellinzona and Valleys
Archeologia Montebello
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