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The Alta Via della Val Venosta (Vinschger Höhenweg) High Trail: The Complete Trek

Castelbello-Ciardes (Kastelbell-Tschars)
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Informationen zur Tour The Alta Via della Val Venosta (Vinschger Höhenweg) High Trail: The Complete Trek

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    36:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    4220 m
  • Altitude
    3550 m
  • Max. height
    2212 m
More than 100 kilometres in length and 5,000 metres of altitude differential covered in six days: it is not only the facts and figures of the Alta Via della Val Venosta (Vinschger Höhenweg) high trail, near Monte Sole (Sonnenberg) in Val Venosta (Vinschgau) Valley, that makes it impressive, but also its extraordinary landscapes and cultural features.


The Alta Via della Val Venosta (Vinschger Höhenweg) high trail runs from Juval Castle, at the entrance to Val Senales (Schnalstal) Valley, to the source of the Adige (Etsch) River, near the village of Resia (Reschen) in Alta Val Venosta (Vinschgauer Oberland). Celebrated South Tyrolean mountaineer Reinhold Messner restored Juval Castle some years ago; the castle is home to one of the five MMM (Messner Mountain Museum) facilities. 

The route, which runs more than 100 kilometres, is divided into six day hikes that run along existing and new footpaths, Waalweg trails alongside water channels, and forest roads. Each stage offers the hiker an immersion into the distinctive landscape and culture of the Monte Sole (Sonnenberg) Mountains in Val Venosta (Vinschgau) Valley. This arid landscape represents an anomaly of the Alpine region: its unique climate gives it almost steppe-like vegetation. The multi-legged trail is not a “high trail” in the alpine sense of the phrase because it lies mostly at an elevation of between 1,500 and 2,000 metres. In addition, it presents no real technical challenges and can be thus be undertaken by any well-shod hiker. The Alta Via della Val Venosta (Vinschger Höhenweg) high trail is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the culture and landscape of ancient farmlands.

The individual legs:
Leg 1: from the Staben train station to San Martino al Monte (St. Martin in Kofel); 6 hrs Leg 2: from San Martino al Monte (St. Martin in Kofel) to the Paflur Inn in Tanas; 8 hrs    Leg 3: from Tanas to Val Masia (Matsch) and the Glieshof Farm; 7 hrs 
Leg 4: from Val Masia (Matsch) and the Glieshof Farm up to the village of Monteschino (Muntetschinig); 6 hrs
Leg 5: from Monteschino (Muntetschinig) to Planol (Planeil); 3 hrs
Leg 6: from Plano (Planeil) to the source of the Adige (Etsch) River, near Resia (Reschen); 6 hrs

Starting point

Juval Castle

Target point

Source of the Adige (Etsch) River


In high summer, it can get very hot on the high trail. Be sure to start off early and bring plenty of drinking water with you. 


Parking area below Juval Castle, at the entrance to Val Senalas (Schnalstal) Valley.

Public transportation

Val Venosta (Vinschger Bahn) Train to Stava (Staben) and then on foot to Juval Castle.


Through the Val Venosta (Vinschgau) Valley to the parking area below the Juval Castle between Stava (Staben) and Naturno (Natunrs). On foot to Juval Castle.

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Horst Gamper

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  • Avatar of sentres redaktion

    sentres redaktion

    Hallo Günther, schade daß Sie Ihre Wanderung abbrechen mussten. Generell ist es schon so, daß man in Südtirol zur Hauptreise- und Wanderzeit immer vorbuchen sollte, um garantiert eine Unterkunft zu haben. Vor allen Dingen die Betriebe, die nahe der Mehrtagestouren liegen sind in den Sommermonaten natürlich schnell voll. Beste Grüße sentres

  • Dummy Avatar

    Günter Leygarf

    Der Höhenweg ist leider so konzipiert, dass man nur mit Vorbuchungen eine Unterkunft bekommt bzw. nur mit Glück. Die Infrastruktur ist auf individuelles Wandern noch nicht ausgelegt. Es gibt definitiv zu wenige Unterkünfte deshalb mussten wir abbrechen und alternativ woanders wandern. Einzelzimmer sind so gut wie überhaupt nicht zu bekommen.

  • Dummy Avatar

    Günter Leygarf

    wollte den Höhenweg laufen, aber leider bei der 2. Etappe abgebrochen.