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Europa High-Altitude Trail 2, South Tyrol: Overview

Val di Vizze (Pfitsch)
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Informationen zur Tour Europa High-Altitude Trail 2, South Tyrol: Overview

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    40:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    6140 m
  • Altitude
    6240 m
  • Max. height
    3079 m
Europa High-Altitude Trail 2, including map and GPS data of all stages, is available for download. Comprising 8 stages, the trail crosses South Tyrol from the north to the south.


Europa High-Altitude Trail 2 is subdivided into three main sections. The Wipptal High-Altitude Trail starts in Innsbruck and ends at the Brenner pass. The second section is the actual Europa High-Altitude Trail and leads from the Brenner pass to Brixen in Valle Isarco (Eisacktal). The third section is the Dolomite High-Altitude Trail No. 2 which leads from Brixen to Feltre in the province of Belluno.

We will cover and describe only those stages of Europa High-Altitude Trail 2 which are within South Tyrol. The South Tyrol section extends from the Landshuter Europa Hütte in Val di Vizze (Pfitschtal) to the Pisciadù Hütte in Gader valley.

Walkers intending to cover the Europa High-Altitude Trail 2 in its entirety will definitely need to set aside 10 days for this endeavour. Excellent psychological as well as physical fitness and stamina are an absolute must! There are a number of sections which demand absolute surefootedness and a head for heights, a sense of orientation and mountain experience. The trail offers a number of staging posts. Shelters or hotels/guest houses should be booked beforehand to ensure comfortable overnight accommodation and to enable the wardens or proprietors to plan in advance.

Stage 1, Europa High-Altitude Trail 2: Landshuter Europahütte to Sterzinger Hütte 5:30 hrs.

Stage 2, Europa High-Altitude Trail 2: Sterzinger Hütte to Brixner Hütte 4:00 hrs.

Stage 3, Europa High-Altitude Trail 2: Brixner Hütte to Schloss Rodenegg 6:30 hrs.

Stage 4, Europa High-Altitude Trail 2: Schloss Rodenegg to Brixen 3:30 hrs.

Stage 5, Europa High-Altitude Trail 2: Brixen to Plosehütte 6:00 hrs.

Stage 6, Europa High-Altitude Trail 2:  Plosehütte to Schlüterhütte 5:00 hrs.

Stage 7, Europa High-Altitude Trail 2: Schlüterhütte to Pùezhütte 5:00 hrs.

Stage 8, Europa High-Altitude Trail 2: Pùezhütte to Pisciadù Hütte 4:00 hrs.

Starting point

Landshuter Europa Hütte

Target point



Public transportation

Getting there: By train to Sterzing, by bus to Platz in Val di Vizze (Pfitschtal). Walk to Landshuter Europa Hütte 3:30 hrs.

Return: Walk on track 666 from Pisciadù Hütte back to Grödnerjoch. From here by scheduled bus services to Val Gardena or Gaden valley.


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Horst Gamper

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